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Quest 7: Plate Tectonics

Lesson 1: Fixed/Static Earth Theories

Classwork: Sketchnote the various arguments for the fixed/static Earth theories.

Lesson 2: Wegener's Continental Drift

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Classwork: Planet Splatter and Re-constructing Gondwana 

Lesson 3: Hess' Plate Tectonics

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Structure of the Earth
Modelling Ocean Spreading

Lesson 4: The Mechanism of Plate Tectonics

Class Work: 

Lesson 5: Plate Boundaries

Class work:
"Tectonics - Processes and Landforms" 

Lesson 6: Faults and Folds

Foldable Folds

Lesson 7: Mapping the Plates

Use Google Earth to identify plate boundaries.
Map from co-ordinates Volcanoes and Earthquakes

Lesson 8: Volcanoes

Modelling a "Hot Spot"

Lesson 9: Earthquakes

Class work:
Using seismic waves to map earthquakes

Lesson 10: Technological Advances

Class work:
That looks like the end of the topic. 
I wonder what happens when we get to the end of a topic...

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