Choose one of the following.

  • CS Fundamentals Express 
  • CS Discoveries 
  • CS Principles

  • App Lab
  • Game Lab
  • Web Lab
  • Artist 
(Labs are more free-form and will require creativity and watching videos to understand functions) 

Laser Cutter

The School has a Laser Cutter that is super-easy to use. 
It basically just works as a printer. Red lines cut. Blue lines score. It's (almost) that easy. 

Use Adobe Illustrator for to make your drawings. 
This can be found on most school computers. Alternatively you can buy a copy of the entire Adobe Suite under the School licence at a small cost.
Check out this tutorial for more than you need to know 

Set up the canvas for 600 mm x 440 mm.
This is the max size of our printer.

The model we ave can cut a number of different materials.
Wood, MDF, Perspex, Fabric etc. (Not metal)

Colour - CMYK Red 
Font Size 0.001mm

Score (engrave superficial patterns)
Colour - CMYK Blue
Font Size Minimum 1 pt

All other colours will not be recognised by the printer and can be used for markig-up guidelines

3D Printer

The School has an Up Mini 3D printer.

The maximum size it can print is 120 mm x 120 mm  x 120 mm.

Build your model in Google Sketchup.
This program is easy to use and can be found on most of the school computers or is available as a free download for your own laptop. 
There is a short tutorial

Once you  have completed your project export it as a .stl file and place in on a USB.  

This can then be printed out in the IST Department. 
The print time is long so be organised and it can be setup to print over a evening/weekend.