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Benefits of QR codes

posted Jul 23, 2016, 7:35 AM by Emma Bylsma
Hi all, this is the article that started my interest in perhaps using QR codes in my classroom. Both Suellen and I have now used the same activity on Fossils that I made in the holidays. The activity itself was something that I had previously used in my Year 11 Biology class. The hardest part of modifying the actively was finding suitable web resources for the QR codes. 
I really wanted to try and engage the students with the actual learning. I felt that the QR codes certainly enriched my lesson. They combined speed, ease and novelty into my normal routine and the amount of data that each of the codes held was amazing. This was where the real learning occurred. The students were examining the fossil specimens and, either listening to  or reading, accompanying information rather than waiting for me to spoon feed them at the end.